The times they are a changin’

Can you believe how time changes everything? Your well laid plans become history, and your visions evaporate. Still we go on and fight the daily fight and find new sources of hope. The past is the training ground for what can be accomplished later. so it is with the path I am leading. For months, becoming a copywriter was a goal that influenced my energies, and it is still intriguing, but I have learned along the way, as always. Specifically, that writing ads is part of most things “business”. Who writes ads for recreation?

We sell ourselves as employees, we sell items on the internet to someone who wants it more than us, we sell our charm to those we meet. Writing ad copy is just another form of the same, and so as time has progressed, so has the direction I am seeking. The bottom line is always selling. How do you do it?

Sales always has its roots in presenting the best and not focusing on drawbacks. That is the problem isn’t it? If you presented the good with the bad, would you sell anything? Imagine telling your girlfriend “Well, I snore, I excel at math, I like ketchup with my bologna, I have a rash, I will love you for about two years and then it’s about time to move on, my taste in art is child like, I have lots of money, but it is tied up until my parents die, the friends I have are lost in their careers, and I have followed them down the same ugly path? But, hey! Let’s get married!!! I think not. So instead we get polished versions of the good side and hope to impress and sell what we are peddling.

Building Trust

Buyers want the truth, sellers want to present their finest up front. Is this deceptive? I’m sure that you can appreciate that both sides are fighting for survival, and that both sides have a valid point as to why they cannot change their approach. For instance, why am I writing this blog? If I tell you the truth, will you tell me the truth? Okay, so we are both stuck with our justifications for our side and indeed, we are justified, at least as much as anyone else.

How does this relate to my title, well, truth be told, I am using ad copy in a new way. I am training others to sell. (Hence, the times (for me) are a changin’) The ability to understand and persuade is highly useful for the trainer. Can you influence others if you do not understand their perspective? Not hardly. The big part of selling is listening. Deep listening, the kind of listening that makes you forget who you are. There is no distraction of thought from your worries, there is no pressure from your surroundings, there is no fear and guilt clouding your thinking. The other person exists only. Your best nature comes out in this state, your problem solving is in high gear and the buyer, or speaker is captivated by the fact that in that moment, they are king. That is selling, because you are not pushing, or seeking your own interests, you are solving someone elses problems with no thought for yourself. That can be tangibly felt by most people, and builds immediate trust. Branding is there for this reason. The emphasis in branding your product and your reputation is there because a solid brand builds trust. This was also the glue that existed between merchants and buyers during the age of shop owners that weren’t franchisers, or chain store managers. That’s what is great about social networking, that is what is great about having friends to get opinions from. The bottom line is trust. That is not changing.

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~ by fwaldes on April 23, 2011.

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