Imperfect is In?

Recently I read that consumers are looking for items that are less than perfect. Here is the link to that article.

I have to wonder if advertising is scrambling to find it’s way in a world of consumers that have long ago caught on that advertising is long on accolades, and short on delivery. The expectation that there is fine print, and customer non-service after the sale is not news, it has become the expectation. So now I am reading an article that tells me that consumers want imperfection in their products to make them feel “human”. This seems to be too convoluted to really be more than a passing thought. Consumers know exactly what they need and want. When they need it, they look for it. If they want it based on an ad, they check it out first. If they still want it, they will buy. It has less and less to do with clever or well crafted advertising. It is about integrity, and trust. A company’s reputation stands on it’s own. Do they give good customer service, then they will be recommended by the consumers friends. No more hype, no more subliminal enticements. Consumers know or can find out about critical purchases. All advertisers can do at this point is present benefits and help consumers find them. Is that so hard?


~ by fwaldes on June 16, 2010.

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