Executing a Plan, or Planning an Execution?

Execution. What needs to happen to get this show on the road? One of the roadblocks has always been execution. When you make a choice there is a point of commitment that seems to loom before you and holds you captive. Every doubt and fear grips you and you wonder if you are a sham, or arrogant to assume you can do what you have set out to do. This topic has been nicely covered in the forum I participate in, and with information from copyblogger, (the website) and in my research into this formidable stumbling block. But this is not the place to discuss it. My point today is to outline what I am doing, and how the process is going.

First, I have secured the basics, a website, this blog, and learning some social networking, SEO marketing, and of course how to write ad copy. Just writing regularly is helpful. What has been brought out to me in this effort is that there are a variety of ways to approach the copywriting world, and I have to be specific about what direction I am going. Blogging is not what I set out to do, but I find that it is a way to put my skills to the test, and to have something of value to refer to if the need arises. In order to be specific, I need to know and understand all the different nuances of  B2B and B2C writing, business communications, print ads, content publishing for the web, direct mail, catalog writing, newsletters, working for PR firms, radio ads, slogan writing, branding, flyers, etc. Which is really my best avenue for writing? Who is my target demographic?

Being new means trial and error. My first inclination is to go and work for an ad agency, because they provide an entry point and a place to cut my teeth. With a few “bottom of the barrel” assignments I will at least have something to post in a portfolio that has been published. Finding an agency that is willing to hire or apprentice someone like myself is the trick though  isn’t it? This is where the execution part comes in. Sticking your neck out, and handing someone the axe. That is where I am now, I need to write out my questions, call the creatives at the agencies and go for an informational interview to ask the basics;

  • What do you look for in a new copywriter?
  • What do you think of my spec ads?
  • Do you, or do you know of, an agency that apprentices new writers?
  • What do you consider to be necessities to hire a writer?
  • What is the best course of entry into this field?
  • What do you feel the long term prospects are for copywriting?

Having a nice, brief one on one with a creative director would be a nice edition to my networking efforts. Still, what is the plan? What do I want to write for an agency? What am I best suited to do? Will an agency make that determination if I have the good fortune to be hired, or apprenticed? I picture contacting clients, and studying their products and customers, and then using a combination of creativity, good communication and research to come up with copy that resonates with their market. Sounds simple enough….

So that is the plan, I make contact with agencies, ask questions, follow leads, get hired, and write. That is not all though, I am already thinking ahead on this, and I would like to extend my reach to being an ad executive, or to be a creative director myself. Freelancing is not off the map either. The critical step for now is getting some ads in print and developing a portfolio. You mean I need to stick my neck out??? Yeeesh. Do I know what I am asking of myself?

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~ by fwaldes on June 4, 2010.

One Response to “Executing a Plan, or Planning an Execution?”

  1. Interesting information. Also, you sound like a professional — from you, I would probably buy snake oil.

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