“Honesty is Such a Lonely Word”

As I explore the world of copywriting, the adage that “content is king” seems to be holding up well. I am finding my own actions reflect the pursuit of good content. As I learn, I am looking for good advice, and my criteria for finding it is; that it must make sense to me, no matter who the source is. I can only evaluate material based on my own sensibilities, whether I am spot-on or out in deep left field. In a world of untruths, what else would be sensible?

Even so, as I begin to look at my occupation of choice, there are so many voices that tell me that I am going wrong, or that I am looking for gold in all the wrong places. What voice do I listen to? It is comforting to hear the warm support of family and friends, but there is a known obligation to be supportive of those you care about. Even when they are sincere and well thought out, those voices are not the same as peer review. Better yet is; unsolicited praise from people that know your craft and have done well with it  themselves. 

If your favorite entertainer took the time out from their day to tell you that you were obviously a fine actor, that would have great meaning to you, particularly if this was your area of desired employment. This sort of unfettered validation speaks volumes to your soul, and you relish it for a long time. It’s as if you have gone on a long trip and have just found out how much you miss your home.

Sincerity is the missing element in so much of what we experience day to day, so that even a taste of it, no matter how small, can inspire us to keep going. I can certainly do more of this myself for the benefit of others.

On to what I have learned since the last entry….. I have learned to ask for help from a good source. I have found some of them on-line and they need to be shared. First, the world of forums is such a great resource, and should be used by anyone trying to make headway in this world. My forum of choice has been through LinkedIn, under the group: Copy advertising copywriting. Here I have found a great group of people willing to share their thoughts without holding back on their true opinions. Soon after joining the group I asked a basic question that a starting copywriter mght ask (should I look for employment as a freelancer first, or with an agency?) and got several responses! Now having been through this before, I know that it is amazing how often you can get responses across the globe this way, but it hasn’t lost it’s appeal as a tool for insight. If you haven’t tried this, do yourself a favor. It’s validating.

Another source is the world of blogging. Here too, people are willing to share their insights and give you solid information and only ask that you consider some of the links that are strewn across their pages. One in particular that I would like to mention, and add a link for, is copyblogger. Lots of content, good advice, and the information just keeps coming in. Here’s the link: http://www.copyblogger.com/ 

If you explore just these two sources you can get a good foothold on where the business of copywriting is going, and advice for the newbie. I’ll leave it at that for today. 

Title quoted from “honesty” words and lyrics, Billy Joel


~ by fwaldes on May 28, 2010.

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