The Big Picture, for Newbies

There are those that like to dive into the details and then put together the big picture from all the pieces. I”m not one of them. If I know where I’m going then the details make more sense, and I enjoy the logic  of it all.

In an effort to do that, I want to present some basic information. Before diving into what SEO copywriting is, you need to understand that you are typing on an end point for a network of other computers. If you are reading this blog, you have connected to a server, or ISP (internet service provider) that allows you to connect to others on the web. Some of those others are webmasters, who typically maintain websites. They are connected to the web through an ISP as well, but the web site is stored on their computers and you reference information from their computer through your ISP. This is not always the case. In my case, my website is maintained by Google, which stores the information on their computer, and I access it using a password. They provide a template that I can manipulate and that becomes my website. You are accessing Googles computers and viewing what I have allowed you to see. I decide what is visible to you.

Now there are trillions of websites just like this, and so the problem becomes, how do I get found? If you have found this website today, as I am posting it, you probably have an inside scoop that it exists, because at this point there is little to direct you here without some pieces being put in place. First of all, the information needs to be recognized by a variety of others by me placing links back to this website from other better known websites. (Links are places you click that send you to a new web page) This means that if you click on a link in someone elses website and you are directed to this one, then you will be able to find me. Once you are here, you can find me again by saving the link in your favorites collection, or by bookmarking the website, or by subscribing to the website and getting email messages whenever I post something new.

If enough people do this, my website eventually will gather momentum and search engines like Google will see the traffic and begin to rank my website. (this is a long ways off for now) If I have sufficient suitable keywords in my writing, and my links are from a variety of sources, and those sources have many links to them, I begin to develop a network that search engines will recognize, and my ranking will increase. Keywords are words that people typically use to search for the topic that my website is about. If they want to learn more, they will type words that pop into their heads that bring up websites on a search engine that contain information they are seeking.

SEO means search engine optimization, and the idea is that if you design your website properly, with good keywords, and good links, you will become more visible on the web. When all of this developed, there were some enterprising sorts that devised means to artificially get superior ranking. As search engines saw these trends they began to use more and more sophisticated means to sort out who was legitimately well ranked, and who was just trying to fool the programs keeping track of all these websites. That means in 2010, it has become quite difficult to get ranked by trickery anymore. The article I placed in yesterday’s blog with a link explains this quite well. If this blog is to do well at all, it seems that I will just have to provide good information and be consistent. This is quite a challenge for me, being a newbie myself.

The other reality that I must contend with is that I have to weigh the value of my time on creating this nifty website, against making some real money. For the meantime I need to focus on lining up some copywriting work, and let this page and my business webpage be a place for getting contact information, and make a brief sales pitch. That would be sufficient for now. If I place some good information here over time it may develop into a good source of leads for my work, but for now it is a starting point that has to take second chair to finding paying customers.

Lastly, writing a blog is not what I set out to do, it is going to be a sideline for now, that helps me stay on course. That is the big picture for now. Still, having some of these elements in place gives me greater legitimacy that will be a resource even while I am pounding the pavement.


~ by fwaldes on May 21, 2010.

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