Copywriting and SEO Legitimacy

For the past day or so I’ve been reading the gammut of information on SEO and copywriting on the web. There is so much information to glean, and as a newbie, it is overwhelming. Particularly SEO, which entails navigating the blogosphere, learning about tags, backlinking, link legitimacy, ranking, past and present link strategies, and of course, how to get someone to read what you have written.

Personally, I don’t know anyone who is a webmaster for a well ranked search engine who would also place a link to my blog or copywriting business site on their home page. That seems to be the best way to create links, having a real connection. The Google ranking algorithms are heavily guarded secrets, and in the end your content needs to have legitimate links from well ranked sites. Ahhh…You mean I can’t find massive traffic artificially??? I could invest in learning all sorts of strategies, but in the end, my blog content is the key, and my links need to be obtained naturally. That means someone needs to find my information useful, and then place a link to my site on theirs because they see the value of my content. Integrity, what a concept!

So, the details of what I am learning: Write good content. My favorite SEO quote comes from one of the Google executives who said “the internet is a cesspool of low quality content” (this may be slightly paraphrased) Yeeech…. So what does this mean about this blog and my Advertising copywriting landing page? As a newbie I need to focus on providing any reader something worth reading. So– I am writing this blog for a real purpose, to show the rational process of growing a copywriting business. This is not just a “diary” for my closest friends and family, it is a blow by blow history of a real person finding his way into a real business. The point of this is to show someone else who is starting down this road how it really happens, and what is truly experienced. That has value in validating your own experiences.

There is so much that is false and exaggerated, and out right lied about on the web, so integrity should be a great new concept in blogging and selling. That fits right in with the sophisticated ranking models that will weed out poor content increasingly well in the future, so I continue must write, honest, clear content. If you are wondering if this is my own opinion check out this link…It’s lengthy, but provides great, current information on the state of artificial linking strategies.

In my next post I will start to write some “big picture”  information on how the web works. You hear so many buzz words, and knowing how they fit together would be useful for me, and perhaps any visitor to my site. For starters, if you have read something here, put me on your favorites, or bookmark me, or place a comment, or send me a link to your website. The links I wish to post are ones that directly relate to copywriting and advertising, but also those who are starting out in businesses of their own, regardless of the type of business. Perhaps I will create an new page for links, categorized by topic. How’s that for a strategy?


~ by fwaldes on May 20, 2010.

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