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So now I have learned something, and want to relay it here to refresh my own memory and give some context on why I am doing new things to grow my copy writing business. I went to a free seminar with a company called Crexendo, and the content was well done. Here’s what I learned about SEO (search engine optimization) from this short but useful seminar.

I learned that search engines rank every web site, but that only about 2% of web sites see the light of day. This means they actually have a ranking above zero, and you can see their ranking by installing the Google toolbar  from:

and enabling the ranking meter. (see the “wrench” or settings menu on the toolbar) This gives you a tiny meter at the top of your browser that lets you know a number from 0-10 on every web page you see. (this shows up as a small meter on the toolbar, which you can get precise numbers on by hovering over it with your pointer) There are only about 3-5 web sites that are a “10’s”, and there are several trillion that are zero’s. Just knowing where you rank helps. Are you just another entry into the “cesspool of low quality content” that fills cyberspace? (My page belongs to the later, for now at least)

Next I learned how to increase those rankings. It’s done with link building, or should I say backlink building. Other web sites need to link to your website from theirs. If they have a good ranking, it will boost yours.

1) You can get some immediate ranking with social bookmarking services, a mere Google search away. Highly ranked bookmarking services can provide links to your website while piggybacking their ranking to your website. Very cool! Do this with enough services and you will glean some website clout.

2) You can see who is linking to you by typing in <> in your browser (fill in the blank with the website you want the information on) and voila! 

3) Do some keyword research. Another freebie, the google keyword tool, can tell you what words need to show up on your web page based on the number of surfers that use those words to find a product. You get scads of information, some regionalized to your area, and you can therefore see how people look for information on the web. Using those words on your site can draw more traffic to your website.

That was worth the free cost of admission to the seminar. I want to learn more! But for today, that is plenty to work on. Be curious! Look at those informational analytics and find out all the tools available to you. There is plenty to look at.


~ by fwaldes on May 18, 2010.

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