The tipping point

What have I learned in the last few days? Well, I’ve found out what the tipping point is for making money as a copywriter. It’s getting an assignment. Now we have to actually convince someone to part with their money. That seems to be the big one. What do I say, how do I contact them, How do they find me and see that I am a good resource and can offer them advertising value? It’s similar to establishing credit when you are young, how do you get credit if you don’t have any to begin with? There are plenty of offers out there, for credit (and writing assignments) but which ones are real, and which ones are just someone wanting to part you from your money?

My first line of thought is to just go out and knock on the doors of some local businesses and see how it is that they utilize advertising, if they do at all. In Utah valley the “bedroom” community is composed of small store fronts, and small manufacturing. Computers, education and health care are the primary employers in the area. Here is the list of questions I plan to ask:

How do you advertise?

What has been the most effective means of getting customers?

Who are your customers, do they fit into a demographic profile?

Is business slow, steady, overwhelming?

What do you wish was different?

That is my version of a starting point for market research. This is one of the top suggestions for freelancing, or business planning that I’ve repeatedly seen. Know your market. That is the next step from here. Know my market. Getting out there and seeing the customers is the tipping point. From here I can formulate what is needed, and find out if I can provide that service.

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~ by fwaldes on May 12, 2010.

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