Groping for Dollars

As I look at the world of advertising I see tons of ads for information websites on copy writing. I wonder about the validity of what is offered just as I do any information I see on the web, and it just seems highly unlikely that paying thousands of dollars will give you more information than you can find for free. Will you find secrets you could not learn from a “next to free” book from Amazon? Well, I’m willing to find out.

What am I really doing? I’m groping for dollars. I want to be paid and I’m willing to do something of value to get that money. So where do I go from here? So far I’ve read some of those next to free books I mentioned, I got the four-year degree, and I’ve applied for jobs with ad agencies. I’ve consulted with a job coach who is encouraging of my efforts, I’ve read scads of blogs, articles,  free information, and comments from others on the validity of the information. I’ve started to create a swipe file of sample ads, I’ve written copy for a variety of situations (for free of course) not to mention spec ads (re-writes of existing copy) and I’m still saying to myself, now what? Well, I wrote down information on all the agencies in my area and started calling the creative directors for each company. I wanted an interview for information on what directors look for in hiring copy writers. On my third call I talked to the owner and creative director for an agency and he took me out to lunch and told me he looked forward to working with me. Huh? Was this for real? I’m an official freelance writer? Did I have beginners luck? Was this serious? To be honest, I don’t know yet. Meanwhile, I’m back to “now what?”

As a freelancer I imagine I will need a company name, and do my own search for work if I am not kept busy by my first client, I will need others to fill the gaps. First order of business, write a business plan. Who am I going to target, what can I offer and how much should I charge for my time? How do I advertise that I can write ads? Traditionally you might have a portfolio of copy from your past experience. Well, I suspect that I will need to start with some spec ads, and some of those free items I wrote and talked about earlier. There are several ways to demonstrate my capability, one of them being a blog such as this, and how about writing samples from those college courses I took? That is on the agenda. I’m a greenie, I will do what sounds and feels good until someone tells me otherwise. That’s the scoop for today.
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~ by fwaldes on May 5, 2010.

One Response to “Groping for Dollars”

  1. Well, if you want some comments, here’s one or two. You write nice. You might also practice brevity occasionally. I suspect that not everyone wants to read a lot of writing. Include some of your spec ads in here?

    Lots of luck. I welcome an ad writer with integrity and intelligence.

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